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Graff & Peterson Dental is dedicated to helping everyone from children to seniors improve their dental health. Our family dentist in Montrose supplies quality preventive and restorative care to help you reach your optimal oral health.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Graff or Dr. Scott Peterson, and discover options for achieving your goals.

Your Montrose Family Dentists

Finding a family dentist qualified to treat the whole family not only makes receiving dental care convenient, it improves the quality of care your dentist can deliver. By looking at a family’s medical history, our dentists can better tailor treatments to each individual’s specific needs.

The best defense against dental issues is prevention. In addition to professional cleanings and diagnostic exams, our Montrose dental practice administers sealants and fluoride treatment as preventive measures to boost defense against complications like decay and discoloration.

Sealants protect pit fissures from housing bacteria that can lead to cavities. Fluoride is an essential nutrient used in building the tooth’s enamel, which encourages strong, healthy teeth. Since community water in the Montrose area is not currently fluoridated, our hygienists and doctors can help determine the appropriate fluoride treatment for you and your family.

Restore Your Smile and Improve Health

As we age, it is imperative that we are free from dental problems to ensure overall lasting health. Periodontal (gum) disease affects approximately 50 percent of our population and can lead to receding gums and eventual tooth loss. Our practice provides periodontal services to address early to advanced stages of gum disease and restore gum health.

Repairing damage and replacing missing teeth is essential in returning the function and appeal of your smile. Crowns restore the structure while protecting teeth against damage and infection. Replacing lost teeth with implants, bridges, or dentures can bring back function, allowing patients to speak and eat comfortably.

Decay that is left untreated can spread to the rest of the mouth, causing complications to worsen and risking compromised dental health. Treatments such as root canal therapy and extraction are sometimes necessary to eliminate infection and restore the health of the dental system.

Our practice also accommodates emergency dental services depending on each case. We offer same-day treatment for patients of record experiencing pain or discomfort.

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With decades of experience treating individuals from children to seniors, our dental practice can help your family achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Schedule an appointment with our Montrose family dentist today!.