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TMJ Treatment Montrose CO

Your bite’s alignment greatly influences your dental and overall health. Drs. Christopher Graff and Scott Peterson are specially trained in treating issues related to bite alignment, including temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction and migraines. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (TMJ) is a common condition affecting a wide variety of people. TMJ is characterized by severe headaches, jaw pain of varying degrees, grinding teeth, and an intermittent ringing in the ears. The vast majority of TMJ sufferers are unaware that the root cause of these problems is something that a dentist can effectively treat.  With training in craniofacial pain, Dr. Graff and Dr. Peterston are able to determine if you have TMJ disorder and can provide orthopedic treatments for the condition. This extensive training and some of the most advanced equipment in the industry enable our dentists to provide reliable TMJ Treatment in MontroseSchedule a comprehensive evaluation of your bite health by visiting Graff & Peterson Dental in Montrose.

Treating Bite Misalignment

Headaches, clicking in the jaw, jaw clenching, grinding, pain in the jaw, and accelerated wear on teeth can all be related to your bite's alignment and are often signs of bite-related issues that can be treated with proper therapy and support. If left untreated, these symptoms can cause decay, damage to teeth, and tension in the face leading to frequent migraines. The tension in the face can travel throughout the body, making it especially important to receive treatment for bite-related complications before they can worsen.

Graff & Peterson Dental focuses on treating headaches and migraines related to bite alignment and TMJ dysfunction. We have a room dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of such issues, offering a relaxing and comfortable environment aimed towards your recovery. Our friendly staff offers warm, compassionate care to rehabilitate jaw health and alleviate the source of pain.

Advanced TMJ Diagnosis and Therapy

Our practice is a provider of the TruDenta® diagnosis and treatment system. We offer treatments that slowly adjust your bite’s alignment and relaxes the muscles causing the tension in the jaw. Treatment for TMJ dysfunction and headaches can include appliances, manual muscle therapy, microcurrent, cold laser treatment, and ultrasound.

Benefits of TMJ and headache therapy include:

  • Increased enjoyment of life 
  • More pain-free days to participate in the activities you enjoy
  • Pressure relief in head and face
  • Ability to enjoy the foods you love

Treatment for headaches and issues related to the TMJ can range from weeks up to a few months. Our treatment is progressive and non-invasive. Our comprehensive approach to treatment of your TMJ-related issues helps us alleviate your discomfort and work towards improving your quality of life.

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Patients across the Western Slope of Colorado can visit our dental practice in Montrose and receive a comprehensive bite evaluation to diagnose issues and determine proper treatment. Schedule an appointment with Drs. Graff and Peterson, and explore your options for recovering from pain related to bite misalignment.